John Saunders, Executive Director

John Saunders joined EUFAMI as Executive Director in March 2021.

John has been the Chief Executive Officer of Shine, Supporting People Affected by Mental Ill Health for over 20 years. Shine is an Irish National Non-Governmental organization working with family members and people with self-experience. Shine is a founding member of EUFAMI

At EUFAMI John oversees the day to day operation of the network and works to ensure its mission, to represent all family members of persons affected by severe mental ill health at European level so that their rights and interests are recognised and protected, is fulfilled.


Gwen Crawford, Prospect Project Manager

Gwen is responsible for the 2020 Prospect Project.

Many of you may remember her from over 15 years ago when she coordinated the original Prospect Programme for EUFAMI between 2001 and 2006.

The Prospect Training Programmes were developed by EUFAMI member organisations and external stakeholders.

The 2020 Prospect Project has updated and revived the training programme content.

For more information please contact Gwen


Dimitra Stefanopoulos, Administration & Communications Officer

Dimitra joined EUFAMI as Administration & Communications Officer in March 2021.

She has worked as an Operations Coordinator and Administrator for Dublin City University’s English Language School in Ireland and also as an English Language Teacher in Greece and Ireland.

She studied Biomedical Sciences and also History of Art at a postgraduate level in Aberdeen and Glasgow University in Scotland, U.K before she became involved with education and project management.

At EUFAMI, Dimitra makes sure the daily operations and objectives of the organisation are being met and its messages are clearly passed on.