EUFAMI’S Prospect Family & Friends Training Programme Contents

Module 1: Coming Together  This module is the first coming together for the newly formed Prospect group. It is about getting to know each other, understanding what can be expected from the training programme and what expectations the participants have.
Module 2: What we have learned about mental health problems!  In this module the participants will discuss and examine what they themselves have learned so far about “Mental Health Problems”. The module will show the participants that the first step in problem-solving approach is to define the dilemma. Once you can define it, you can begin to deal with it.
Module 3: Recognising the Pressures  In this module participants will examine the pressures they have been under due to the mental health problems of their family member or friend.
Module 4: Identifying/Acknowledging Stress  This module facilitates participants to recognise what stress is. It is relevant and useful for understanding that there are risks involved with being an informal carer.
Module 5: Loss & Grief Resolution  In this module participants will examine and discuss the particularly painful process which the informal family or friend carer of a person with a mental health problem will have to pass through
Module 6: Active Coping Skills  This module addresses some of the skills that informal carers have found useful when coping with mental health problems. Learning positive coping skills supports the challenges that many informal carers deal with.
Module 7: Advanced Coping skills  In this module, the group will continue and build on from what they have learnt in the last module. They will work on making advance with their coping skills which allows them to gain personal control of their lives.  
Module 8: Support Mapping  In this module the participants will explore their available support networks and identify what and who is in this network. Any person, resource, professional or organisation can be part of this network.  
Module 9: Change and goal setting  This module facilitates group members to explore the concept of personal change and to commit to this through establishing personal goals.  
Module 10: Conclusion, looking forward, new Prospects  In this session it is important to provide opportunities for group members to review the Training Programme and to check that they know where they are going. They should be able to identify the next steps they wish to take, no matter how “big” or “small” they may be.