EUFAMI’s first in-person Board Members’ and Member Organisations’ meeting, since the COVID-19 outbreak, took place in Vienna, Austria on 15-16 October 2022.

EUFAMI had the opportunity to present its new strategic plan 2022-2024, “Involving Families & Carers” and discuss further on the organisation’s operations and action for the next coming months. A detailed account was also given to EUFAMI’s past, current and future projects.

Members from 14 countries had the opportunity to discuss the involvement of families in Mental Health Care Services, as well as what the main issues have been in Mental Health Care Services in their country over the last 3 years, what the main activities of each organisation have been and if there are there any exciting or new activities each organisation would like to share with other EUFAMI members.

Representatives of the below Member Organisations attended the meeting:

HPE from Austria

Similes Vl. from Belgium

Bedre Psykiatri from Denmark

Rethink from England

UNAFAM from France

EPIONI from Greece

LOKA from Hungary

SHINE from Ireland

ARIADNE from Italy

FamiliarMente from Portugal

Salud Mental España from Spain

Schizofreniförbundet from Sweden

VASK from Switzerland


The meeting was carried out at the HPE Headquarters in Vienna, Austria having the Danube River as a backdrop, and was successfully completed with the support of our generous hosts at HPE.