Priorities for Future Research on Reducing and Stopping Psychiatric Medicines (PROTECT) study – Survey deadline December 31st 2022

Dear Reader,

Please see below for an important message from our respectful EUFAMI Board Director, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor in Pharmacology at Uppsala University, Sweden, Dr Åsa Konradsson-Geuken.

“We are trying to increase responses of health practitioners to the Priorities for Future Research on Reducing and Stopping Psychiatric Medicines (PROTECT) study.  If you haven’t participated please do consider participating  or passing the link to you network. The survey will close on the  31st December.

There are many unanswered questions about the process of reducing and stopping psychiatric medicines (commonly referred to as ‘tapering’) and how best to do it. It is important that future research focuses on the questions that are important to people with lived experience of taking and/or stopping any of these medicines, family members, carers/supporters and healthcare professionals.
The PROTECT study team, in partnership with the James Lind Alliance, has set up this priority setting partnership to identify the Top 10 priorities for future research about reducing and stopping psychiatric medicines. This study could help to change the research agenda which will allow future research to focus on the most important questions. The survey will take you about 5  minutes to complete.

The first survey is now LIVE. The link below will bring people to the project website ( where they can find out more about the study.

Please feel free to circulate the link to anyone within your network who might be interested in taking part and hopefully you will participate.

Thanks for reading this and wishing you all a festive season and Happy New Year”

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