EUSEM Call for patient representatives with an interest in Emergency Medicine

Our friends at the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) have kindly asked to assist in their quest in search for patient representatives with a particular interest or experience in Emergency Medicine and who would be interested in participating in the following project:

“The European Society for Emergency Medicine (EUSEM) is currently working on a project to define an initial set of Quality Indicators for Emergency Departments in Europe. They will soon conduct a Delphi process that aims to define European wide quality standards for Emergency Care in the Emergency Departments. 

They are currently looking for patient representatives with a particular interest or experience in Emergency Medicine who can therefore provide an informed perspective.

The expected workload will not be onerous. The selected participant will receive a list of the items (50, in total) and will be asked to choose those quality markers which she/he regards as most important for the Emergency Departments. Every participant will have the possibility to select the 20 most important markers and to grade those for importance by rating them. This selection will be sent to the EUSEM office where it will be anonymized for further analysis”.  

If you know a patient representative with a particular interest or experience in Emergency Medicine who could be interested in participating, please don’t hesitate to contact

Thank you


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Breaking Depression – 1 in 4 people will be personally affected by mental health problems, such as depression, during their lives

About this project

Janssen, together with EUFAMI and GAMIAN are developing practical resources to help people living with depression and family carers to have productive conversations with their doctors. In order for these to be useful, we want to understand the real-life experiences of people living with depression.

To do this, we are interviewing people living with depression, family carers and healthcare professionals. The topics that will be discussed with people living with depression include:

  • The first time your loved one talked about depression with a doctor or specialist
  • Your experience of your loved one’s diagnosis
  • Treatment and symptom management
  • Advice you have for others in these situations

How would the interview work?

  • The virtual interview will be no longer than 1-hour and will take place w/c 19 July (exact date is still TBC). It will likely take place via phone, unless you have a specific preference for an alternative platform.
  • The interview questions will be shared ahead of the call.
  • You will be interviewed in English by a representative from Langland, a communications agency based in London supporting Janssen with the project roll-out. The call will be recorded for the purpose of insight gathering and notetaking. The recording will be deleted 6 weeks after the interview.
  • The insights gathered from the interview will inform the educational resources we will create. All responses you provide will be anonymised and will not be attached to identifiable factors, such as your name or profession.

If you are interested in participating in this project please read the invitation attached to this email carefully and contact EUFAMI Executive Director Mr John Saunders directly by Friday 17th September 2021 at

This is an important project and your help and involvement will be greatly appreciated.

For further information please see here.




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EUFAMI will be virtually present at the upcoming ECNP congress

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GAMIAN-Europe calls for concrete action to empower those affected by mental ill health

Empowering people affected by mental ill health is beneficial to individuals and their carers. It is also crucial for developing more patient centered, efficient and cost-effective health systems.

This is the key message of a comprehensive Call to Action launched by GAMIAN-Europe today.
The Call, developed with the direct input from a variety of leading EU-level and national (mental) health stakeholders, addresses what can be undertaken concretely to overcome the current pervasive disempowering attitudes and behaviours towards people affected by mental ill health.

GAMIAN-Europe, a patient-driven organisation advocating the rights of those affected by mental ill health, developed this Call as one of its priorities as the huge prevalence and impact of mental health conditions cannot be overlooked: 11 % of the European population experience mental disorders every year. The proportion of national health budgets devoted to mental health ranges between 4% to 13% across the EU.

Mental health conditions go hand in hand with substantial costs and consequences impacting on individuals, families and carers, health and social systems, the economy and society as a whole. As a consequence, there is an obvious need to address these conditions in the most effective and appropriate way. Empowered patients, managing their own care and treatment, can help address this need.

While the notion of and need for patient empowerment has gained ground for physical health conditions in recent years, this is not generally the case for those affected by mental ill health. Likewise, when it comes to physical health, patients are generally viewed as sufficiently competent to self-manage their treatment and care – as opposed to those affected by mental health problems. The Call therefore underlines that most people with mental ill health, most of the time, do have the competence to self-manage their treatment and care.

Clearly, perceptions and services should be changed to reflect the need for more empowerment and patient involvement in the field of mental health. The Call to Action urges the various different categories of stakeholders involved to take appropriate action to effect progress in their specific areas of expertise.

The Call to Action has already been endorsed by some 25 EU-level and national (mental) health-related organisations as well as by a number of MEPs. GAMIAN-Europe is now warmly inviting all interested organisations to also endorse the Call, as widespread support for its principles and recommendations will stimulate and facilitate implementation across the EU.

The Call to Action is available here:

Introduction of the Call and list of endorsers:

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EUFAMI Statement – Standing in Support of Ukraine and of peace everywhere

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine commenced over a month ago, we are still trying to understand the evolving situation in the neighbouring countries. We at EUFAMI are closely monitoring the events with care and concern.

Since its foundation 30 years ago, EUFAMI speaks out on behalf of its members at a European level, promotes human rights of the families of people with mental ill health and facilitates humanitarian collaboration across European borders and beyond.

At its most recent meeting the Board of EUFAMI expressed its solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who are fleeing the country in thousands, and in turn with the people of Russia who have spoken out against the current aggressions.

The Board is also requesting member organisations across Europe to respond, in whatever way possible, to the needs of the Ukrainian people, especially those affected by mental Illness and their families and carers.

Humanitarian assistance can come in all sorts of forms, while it is driven by the principle of humanity. In an ongoing effort to strengthen our bonds and relationships with our member organisations and also our partners, EUFAMI will continue to act as advocates for the human and political rights of people with mental ill health and their families in Europe.

Our hearts and minds are with all who have been affected by the conflict, the people who are currently battling mental illness and their families and those who will find themselves facing further trauma during and after this unsettling period.


Urs Würsch

EUFAMI President

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EUFAMI – Invitation for Project Participation – INVOLVE

Dear Members of EUFAMI,

I am delighted to inform you that EUFAMI will shortly launch a new project aimed at supporting member organisations to advocate nationally with their mental health service to improve the involvement of families in services.

The purpose of this letter is to invite you to participate, in this new project entitled Involve.

Current practice in most mental health care systems means that many relatives, friends, partners, and carers feel excluded from having or giving an informed view of their expectations and experiences in relation to the social needs and treatment of the family member they are supporting. Mental Health Services often, unconsciously and consciously, exclude family members, friends, or other care partners, from the care and treatment process and focus only on the person presenting a mental illness. International research reflects this experience and is supported by EUFAMI’s most recent research on the Value of Caring.

The Involve project has now been approved and funding has been established with our partners Boehringer Ingelheim (International) GmBH.

Please click here to view the official proposal, which provides further details of the project, for your review.

The project is limited to up to ten national organisations. Any interested organisation should send a brief email expressing interest in the project to me, Dimitra at

The closing date for expressions of interest is 31st March 2022.

Following receipt, a Zoom meeting will be held with interested members to provide more information.

If you would like to discuss further and ask any questions before agreeing to take part, please do not hesitate to contact EUFAMI’s Executive Director, Mr John Saunders at or call at +353 879271292.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this information.


Dimitra Stefanopoulos

Administration & Communications Officer

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