Strategic Plan 2022-2024 – Involving Families & Carers

Since its founding in 1992, EUFAMI has dedicated itself to supporting and advocating on behalf of family members and carers in mental health across Europe. We continue to support the rights of involved families and carers to be part of the process of service delivery. We believe family members have a significant role to play in the recovery of people with mental illness.

Over the thirty years of our existence, EUFAMI has witnessed many positive changes in the quantity and quality of mental health services across Europe. We are proud to have played our part in this progress.

There is more to be done, however, including the delivery of family and carer support and training by mental health services, the continued reduction of stigma as it affects family members and the strengthening of the family voice in many countries.

EUFAMI’s new Strategic Plan builds on previous documents and renews our commitment to more focused activities in support of national member organisations and to espouse the need for advocacy and research, which is aimed specifically on the issues that affect families as carers of persons with mental illness.

If you wish to view EUFAMI’s new Strategic Plan, please click here.

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