Share4Carers Good Practices Guide Released

The Share4Carers Project aimed to promote key solutions by uniting patients’ organisations, academics, clinicians and carers at national level and provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to promote psychoeducation and raise awareness on the societal impact of children of parents with mental health problems in Europe.

Representatives of the above groups met during the lifecycle of the project in order to share good practices, exchange perspectives on effective advocacy strategies and learn how to engage with decision-makers at national and EU levels.

The project fostered cooperation between seven different organisations from four different countries and other stakeholders by consistently promoting dialogue between patients, caregivers, scientists and society. The goal was to draw the attention of the academic and general public, as well as relevant state institutions, to the importance  of the development of basic and clinical psychoeducation as well as key solutions in the prevention, early detection, intervention and support of children.

EUFAMI has acted as a partner and representative of the project at European level throughout 2021. The programme ended in January 2022 and the final report and findings can be viewed here.

EUFAMI Newsletter Vol. II, February 2023

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