The Prospect Plus Project Phase II – Press Statement

The Prospect Project is a peer-to-peer training programme designed by EUFAMI to empower families in mental health.

EUFAMI is very pleased to announce that the collaborative partnership with Johnson & Johnson Foundation formed in 2019, will continue.

Earlier this year, the Prospect Plus project successfully completed the first phase and produced the revised Prospect Family and Friends Training Programme. This was accomplished with a project partnership of 6 EUFAMI member organisations who worked on, and invaluably contributed to, updating and revising the original content and materials from 2004.

The EUFAMI Acting President, André Decraene has commented that:

“Prospect is a growing European community and with our collaborative partnership with the Johnson & Johnson Foundation, EUFAMI hopes to support its growth and outreach to all family and friend carers”

The second phase of the Prospect Plus project is more ambitious. Over the next 2 years, EUFAMI will lead the updating process of the Prospect Training Program for People with Self-Experience, the Prospect training for Health and Social Care Professional and the Common Ground Module. This is an essential step for the Prospect Training Programmes as a whole.

The second phase of the Prospect Plus project will also develop and create a digital platform to support present and future EUFAMI members who implement Prospect.

For this ambitious phase, EUFAMI is very happy to have once again, Gwen Crawford, as the project leader. Commenting on the launch, Gwen said:

 “I am delighted to form part of the EUFAMI team, and it is a privilege to take on this next phase of the Prospect Plus project”

The work on this phase has already commenced. Updates on the process will be posted on the EUFAMI website and social media.

For further information on Prospect and Prospect Plus, please see here.

For background information, please feel free to contact Gwen Crawford via email:

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