The EU-VIORMED Project: The State of Forensic Psychiatry in Europe – Final Event – Monday 27th September 2021

The EU-VIORMED Project final event will take place in the form of a webinar on Monday 27th September 2021 from 9:30am until 3:30pm CET.

The EUropean Study on VIOlence Risk and MEntal Disorders (EU-VIORMED) is a new collaborative research project that aims to improve the quality of forensic psychiatric care in Europe.

Forensic psychiatry treats mentally disordered people who are a risk to the public. Here, the assessment and treatment of mentally disordered offenders must accurately formulate and understand  the complicated relationship between mental disorders and the risk of violence to self and others, while avoiding being overly restrictive.

Forensic psychiatry spans a challenging physical and ethical space between the needs and rights of patients, the public and the criminal justice system, and between medical treatment and public protection.

Forensic psychiatric services of one form or another exist in every EU state, but their design, operational models, clinical resources and guiding principles differ markedly. Today they are expanding in some member states, while contracting in others.

EUFAMI has been a partner in the EU-VIORMED project since November 2017 and has been mainly involved in communications and dissemination. EUFAMI committed to develop and disseminate a non-technical paper for the project discussing the research papers in the context of the lay reader from the perspective of family members.

Please see here for the non-technical paper.

For further information please visit the EU-VIORMED website.

For further information on the event and registration instructions, please see here.

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