EUFAMI Celebrates International Day Of Families – Saturday 15th May

The International Day of Families celebrates the importance of families, societies and cultures around the world. It was first observed on 15th May 1994 after the UN General Assembly recognised the value of the basic family system in 1993. This day has become a source to attract the attention of, not just policy-makers, but also the public, and increase awareness of the economic and social issues related to families, and most critically, of the mental health issues family members are affected by.

The day calls for worldwide celebration, especially this year, as the ongoing pandemic has prompted societies to realise the importance of safeguarding the well-being of families. These times can be especially tough on people’s mental health and in turn, on their extended family members who have unconditionally taken up the role of carers for their loved ones.

The representation of family members of persons affected by severe mental ill health has been EUFAMI’s mission since 1992. Our vision is these families receive the understanding and support they need to participate in their community as they choose, and share in the social, economic and political rights of that community, without exclusion or discrimination.

EUFAMI, as an advocate of family carers across Europe, has become the voice of those families by building networks and enhancing communication with other European institutions and international mental health organisations, by dissemination of the institutions’ activities and campaigns and furthermore, by leading the fight against stigma and emphasising the importance of protecting the human rights of people affected by mental ill health and their families.

In all countries and cultures families are the pillar of every functional community. They come in all shapes and sizes and each and every one of them consist of unique individual members. Family members are there to support each other and grow together. More often than not, this bond comes with a number of challenges, especially challenges related to mental health issues. EUFAMI has answered the call for help and aims, in all ways, to defend the rights of people with mental ill health and their families.



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