UPDATE Prospect Plus

The Kick-Off Event

In March 2020 the Prospect Plus Kick-Off Event took place.

Originally this would have been a face to face meeting in the Netherlands. However sadly, due to the current worldwide influence of the Coronavirus, this became impossible. The meeting was therefore held with the use of ZOOM online video conferencing.

This was a first-time experience for nearly all the participants. Although there was an initial reluctance to the idea of going ahead with the meeting online, after 3 days of various sessions, all the participants were positive about the experience and the progress achieved.

So who were the participants?

Finland, France and Spain have all developed in recent years new training content for the Prospect Family & Friends Training Programme. The virtual meeting therefore looked at both the feedback and comments collected on the original Prospect Training Programme content from all participants and also the newly developed training content.

The objective of the discussions was to

  • A create a concept version of the EUFAMI Family and Friends Prospect Plus Training Programme which will be tested is 4 pilot countries.

The outcome of the meeting was a 10-page document listing further suggestions, recommendations and best practice. The work has now begun on incorporating these into a draft concept version of the training programme.

At present there is a new virtual meeting planned later in this month of April. The Kick-Off participants will then look at the concept draft and agree if it is ready for testing.

In terms of testing, no plans can be made right now. We are all holding our breaths and hoping that this Coronavirus time will soon be over.

Once it is possible to test, collect feedback and evaluate, the aim is still to finalise a EUFAMI Prospect Plus Family and Friends Training Programme. In 2021, the plan is to continue the updating process and focus on the Common Ground Module, the People with Self-Experience and the Health and Social Care Professionals Training Programmes.

We hope that this update finds you all well!

If you would like to make any comments, suggestions of have further questions, please contact Gwen Crawford on the email:  projects@eufami.org

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