Wahnsinn um drei Ecken (Madness around three corners)

A true story told by the mother and sister of a son/brother suffering from mental ill health.

When the son/brother experiences a psychiatric crisis, the whole family plunges into crisis. As well as dealing with the sorrow, grief, angst, and the feeling of helplessness, the family now has to take care of the whole situation: to deal with the well-meant, yet inconvenient advice of others; to sit around in psychiatric wards and to cope with the dramatic change in family dynamics, especially the relationship between mother and daughter.

While the daughter’s wellbeing and mental stability take the back seat, the mother’s dreams for her children’s’ life and for herself face the shadows of doubt. Mother and daughter shed a light on the hardships of facing the psychiatric health care system and how the familial structure suffers along this psychiatric crisis, shatters and finally unites again.



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