Mental health sports event kicks off in Athens

The 1st Transnational Meeting of the European Project “EUROPEAN VOLUNTEER EVENTS for THERAPY through SPORTS”(EVENTS Project) took place on 23 & 24 November 2017, with the participation of 17 European Mental Health organisations from 14 countries (EUFAMI BE, First Fortnight IE, COOS Marche IT, OZARA SI, SPORIUM TR, CESIE Org IT, University of Kent UK, SSOI Rijeka CR, Fundacion Intras ES, Merseyside Expanding Horizons UK, ASOK LI, FOKUS Prague CZ, Red Cross Munich DE, Nadja Center Foundation BG, UNAFAM FR, Villa Montesca IT, ANARP PT). Greek Mental Health organisations were also involved.

The 1st European Sport & Physical Exercise Event for Mental Health, which is going to be held with the support of the Attica Region and the Municipality of Galatsi, is the culmination of the new strategy that highlights the independent and specialized approach of Physical Exercise and Sport as a critical and effective factor for a holistic intervention in the field of Mental Health. The “Social Cooperative Activities for Minority Groups – K.S.D.E.O. – EDRA” is the Project Coordinator.  It is an organization that has been taking action in the field of Mental Health since 2001 ( ).

The first day of the meeting was hosted by the Kamini Cultural Center of Galatsi Municipality, where the General Secretary of the Municipality of Galatsi, Evangelos Kyriazopoulos, and ENALMH Vice-President, Alexandros Economou, referred to  the context of the association of their organisations with the objectives and the implementation of the EVENTS Project. In addition, all the participants visited Alssos Veikou, as the first 2 days of the 1st European Sport Event for Mental Health (7 & 8 September 2018) will be hosted at its premises. The completion of the three-day program and the closing ceremony (9/9/18) will take place at the Pedion Areos Park, with the support of the Attica Region.

The second day of the meeting, at Stanley Hotel Conference Hall, was devoted to the project’s communication strategy and the EVENTS connection with the European Awareness Campaign – starting in January 2018 – for a movement promoting an active lifestyle, sport for all, sport for the soul.



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