Big pharma must aspire to be more patient-centric, says UK consultancy firm PatientView

The UK-based research, publishing and consultancy group, PatientView has released a new self-evaluation toolkit for pharmaceutical companies to help them track their levels of patient-centricity.

According to the PatientView website, patient-centricity has become an aspiration of the pharmaceutical industry.  It says that the toolkit will help bridge the divide between patients and big phrama.

“The business of pharma is complex, and  patients are distant from the processes of medical R&D  (and, for that  matter, from most  business aspects of pharma),” says the UK-based consultancy.

It continues: “If patients do not understand the companies, how can companies determine what actions to take to be more patient-centric?”

2,000 patient groups in over 100 countries, including over 50 different medical specialties at international, national, regional and local level provided input for the toolkit over the 2016-2017 period.

Pharmaceutical companies will be able to rate their performance based on  139 questions centring on 9   major attributes  that contribute  to the process of corporate patient-centricity.

On its website, the group says it hopes “to help define and support one of the most important phenomenon changing healthcare in the 21st century.”

More info on the toolkit can be found on the PatientView website.






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