EUFAMI ‘Home’ exhibition brief

EUFAMI is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and to mark the occasion we are organising an art exhibition to promote better mental health.  A total of 25 artists from across Europe are being selected by EUFAMI members and partners and curated by an independent panel, for an exhibition at PsycArt’s ‘Espace 51’ gallery in Brussels, opening on 30 November 2017 under the theme of ‘HOME’.

 What is EUFAMI?

 EUFAMI is the European Federation of Associations of Families of People with Mental Illness.  Our mission is to represent all family members of persons affected by severe mental ill health at European level so that their rights and interests are recognised and protected.

 Why the theme ‘Home’?

 We believe that ‘Home is where the heart is’, not only a physical place of bricks and mortar, but also an environment where we feel comfortable and accepted, among people who have our best interests at heart.   Over the past 25 years, we have been constantly lobbying at an EU-level for a process of ‘deinstitutionalisation’, which involves getting people out of care facilities and hospices and back within the family and larger community.  We believe that this process should be accompanied by measures to support family and informal carers so they can have access to the kind of services and financial support they need to adequately care for a loved-one.

What artists are participating?

 Artists from across Europe, including the following:

Gaston Wuestenberg, Belgium

Gill Levy, Israel

Kalle  Becker, Germany

Anthony  Fisher, UK

Denisa Hrbáňová, Slovakia

Dolly Sen, UK

Lorenzo Ludi, Italy

Gusta Frooninckx, Belgium

Lisa Urban, Germany

 More will be published soon but you can get a complete picture with our  interactive map.

Can I participate?

 The short answer is ‘yes!’  The only thing that we encourage is a genuine interest in mental health.  You do not need to have first-hand experience of mental ill health to take part.

 What are artists set to gain from this?

 It is important to note that we expect artists to DONATE work to this exhibition.  We believe they will benefit from the following:


Your work will have the potential to be viewed by thousands of people across Europe.  The EUFAMI “HOME” exhibition is expected to attract high profile figures from the European Parliament, the Commission, NGOs, pharmaceuticals and the cultural field.  It is an excellent opportunity to build contacts and attract potential clients.  35 EUFAMI Member Associations from 22 countries are taking part allowing artists the opportunity to have their works viewed by a Europe-wide audience. The art work will also be promoted on EUFAMI’s and partners’ social media platforms. We’re hoping this exhibition will be a chance to put new artists on the map.


We have been receiving artworks from dozens of people across Europe from prominent artists and amateurs with an interest in mental health.  Some contributors have also taken the opportunity to share their own personal mental health story with like-minded people.  We believe a creative setting is the best way to get the conversation started on mental health and how to build a society that is better adapted. Only by telling the story of mental ill health (schizophrenia, depression, ADHD, OCD etc.), will society begin to accommodate and be more accepting of their needs.


By donating your artwork, EUFAMI will be able to raise funds to continue to advocate in the interests of people with mental ill health and their carers.

Who is responsible?

 The event is being run by EUFAMI Secretary General Aagje Ieven with the assistance of Paul Nolan (Communications Officer), Paulina Gono (EUFAMI’s events and fundraising intern), Rita Geerts (Administrator).  EUFAMI is working in collaboration with PsycArt’s curator Françoise Rolain.  Find out more about our staff.

Where is the art event being held?


Espace 51 Gallery

Rue thiéfrystraat 51-53

1030 Schaerbeeck

Tel: +32 474 54 01 38


When do I need to be there?

The opening event will be on the 30 November at 7PM.  Sign up HERE


Where do I send my work?

EUFAMI’s offices:

Diestsevest 100

B-3000 Leuven



 What info do I need to include?

 Name of artist / Name of artwork(s) / Date produced / Recommended price of the artwork(s) / Nationality / Country of residence / Website (if available) / Short bio


Please feel free to ask any other questions by sending an email to:










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