Our tips for improving mental health at work

We have devised a series of tips aimed at improving mental health in the workplace to mark World Mental Health Day on 10 October, 2017.  The theme of this year’s awareness day precisely focuses on attitudes in the workplace towards mental health.

We believe that a happier, fairer, and more productive place of work is easily within our grasp if we apply some simple steps.


Employers, colleagues, and friends and family can all help to build an environment where caring for a loved-one can be factored into working arrangements.

According to a Eurofound report, carers who are in a position to combine work and care have a better quality of life and higher self-esteem.  At EUFAMI, we seek to encourage more flexible arrangements in the workplace and change attitudes so that combining work and care-giving duties can become more acceptable.

Take a second to read these tips and see how many of them apply to your place of work. Can you help shift the balance towards a healthier and happier working environment?

More information about the theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day can be found here.


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