New milestone for Joint Statement on mental health

A total of 20 organisations have signed the Joint Statement that emerged from the Mental Health network on the European health Policy Platform.

We believe that this is an important milestone, which we should all celebrate.

EUFAMI Secretary General Aagje Ieven had the occasion to present the  statement  during the EP Interest Group on Carers on April 11th and again, alongside MHE, during the Public Policy Exchange event on “Mental Health in Europe: Promoting Equal Opportunities and Social Participation” on April 12th.

We understand the next step will be for us to present the statement to EC staff members responsible for mental health across the different DG’s.

We also look forward to bringing all 20 signatories around the table to discuss how we could cooperate to ensure that our recommendations are picked up.

Once again, we sincerely thank MHE and all the signatories for their support and cooperation.

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