Caring for Two brochure

You care. That’s why informal carers like you spend an average of 22 hours a week directly supporting your loved one. It’s at least a part-time job. For some a full-time job – on top of your usual activities. But the worrying for your loved one never really ends, does it? Your contribution is invaluable on the path to recovery.

Depression is a complex condition with a broad mix of symptoms – emotional, physical, cognitive and social – and it affects people in different ways. Worldwide, it is the leading cause of disability and affects 350 million people. Prevention, treatment and recovery are most efficient when there is a collaborative effort involving patients, their family, friends, service providers, healthcare professionals and employers.

This guide is intended to support you in taking care of yourself and taking care of your loved one. It is based on advice from experienced caregivers at EUFAMI. In the first section, we offer you four steps to take good care of yourself. In the second section, we have three steps on caring for your loved one.

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EUFAMI Newsletter Vol. II, February 2023

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