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@BULLETIN NO 9 – October 2016

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World Mental Health Day
On the 10thof October, World Mental Health Day, we published our annual Special Editio @-Bulletin detailing our members’ activities in celebration and the online course Caring for People with Psychosis and Schizophrenia” developed with King’s College, was launched for the third time. You can still acces it.

WHO launches Let’s Talk about Depression
Also on the 10th, the WHO launched its one-year campaign to reduce stigma and improve discussion on mental health, in order for more people suffering from depression to seek help. EUFAMI is concerned about the growing number of family caregivers suffering from depression.  Our C4C survey shows families need more support to maintain their own mental wellbeing. 

European Parliament researchservicepublishes briefing note on mental health
In the light of the WMHD in October the European Parliament research service published a briefing note summarising EU initiatives and projects that aim to reduce the toll on the people affected by mental ill health and the pressure on health, economic and welfare systems.

Written Declaration on mental health of asylum seekers
EUFAMI still encourages its members and supporters to write their local MEPs to secure the 376 signatures for the Written Declaration on Mental health of asylum seekers, needed by December if it to be adopted.

Commission Work Programme 2017
On the 25thof October, the European Commission published its Work Programme 2017 – Delivering a Europe that protects, empowers and defends.This Work Programme sets out the key initiativesthe Commission commits to delivering by the end of 2017 based on ten principles. Health is not amongst the priorities but the development of a Social Pillar of rights and work in the areas of youth, refugees and employment offer opportunities for advocacy.


EUFAMI at Governmental Expert Group and Mental Health Compass Forum
Secretary General Aagje Ieven gave an opening address at the EU Mental Health Compass Forum in Luxembourg on October 6th, stressing thataccess to services, for families, means access to information, respite care, peer support, and financial support
.She also contributed to the closing panel and presented the Mental Health Thematic network of the Health Policy Platform that EUFAMI co- leads with MHE to the Governmental Expert Group on Mental Health


Prevention & early detection for children

In the latest issue of ECAP, Bruno Falissard calls for a “necessary but cautious debate on prevention and early detection of mental disorders in children and adolescents”. Adolescence and early adulthood are a high-risk period for developing mental health problems. Failure to intervene efficaciously makes it difficult for the young person to reach their emotional, social and vocational potential, and leads to stress and suffering for families. EUFAMI advocates for Early Intervention in Psychosis, to reduce the risk of further psychotic episodes and of suicide attempts during this critical period.

Autobiographical novel by Carmen Salis

In this new novel, Italian author Carmen Salis writes of her experiences with a sister with mental health problems. She advocates for listening to family members and takes a stand against those who see only the ‘sick guinea pigs for experiments’ in people suffering from mental ill health. 


Salud Mental (Spain)
On October 18th, Her Majesty the Queen Letizia of Spain joined a delegation of members and PresidentNel Anxelu González Zapico of Salud Mental Espana for a working meeting on how to increase the visibility of mental health and raise awareness.

ENCONTRAR+SE celebrates World Mental Health Day and its 10th Anniversary in Porto, Portugal on the 24th and 25th of November. Celebrations include an ambitious conference program that highlights some of the areas for which the association’s work became noteworthy and a charity dinner. EUFAMI will hold it’s first Southern Cluster Meeting in conjunction on November 23rd.


From policies to practice - from practice to policies. Creating synergies for better health in Europe” on the 9thof December, 2016
7thWorld Congress on Women’s Mental Health Rights, resilience, Recovery organized by IAWMH in Dublin, Ireland on 6-9 March
25thEuropean Congress of Psychiatry – “Together for Mental Health”, 1-4 April, 2017, Florence.
18thWADP congresson “Creative processes in psychotherapy” – 19-22 April, 2017
4th European Festival for Psychiatric Nursing: 11thand 14thof May 2017 HORATIO and MAP, with the theme on “Working in Partnerships”.
2nd International Young Carers Conference 28-31 May 2017, Malmö, Sweden
17th international congress of ESCAP, European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 9-11 July 2017, Geneva, Switzerland.
30thECNP congress, 2-5 September, Paris, France
XVII World Congress of Psychiatry, 8-12 October 2016, Berlin, Germany