EUFAMI was founded in 1992 after a congress, which took place in 1990 in De Haan, Belgium, where carers from all over Europe shared their experiences of helplessness and frustration when living with severe mental illness. They resolved to work together to help both themselves and the people they cared for.

EUFAMI is a democratic organisation, registered in Belgium as an international non-profit organisation. We have an ongoing commitment to improving care and welfare for people affected by mental illness. We also enable our member organisations to act jointly at a European Level, combining their efforts and sharing experience. See our statutes here.


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EUFAMI has a number of programmes supporting people affected by severe mental illness and the organisations representing them across Europe.

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Miia Männikkö

President, FINFAMI

Aagje leven

Secretary General

Rita Geerts


Spyros Zorbas

Officer, Greece

André Decraene

Officer, Similes Vl, Belgium

John Saunders

Officer, Shine, Ireland

Bert Johnson

Treasurer, Rethink Mental Ilness, UK

Connie Magro

Officer, Mental Health Association, Malta

Kenneth Lien Steen

Officer, Norway

Per Torell

Secretary, Schizofreniförbundet, Sweden

Martine Frager-Berlet

Vice President, UNAFAM, France

Paul Nolan