New Officers of EUFAMI Board of Directors

Leuven, 1st March 2021

Dear Friends of EUFAMI,

I am writing formally to announce the results of EUFAMI officer’s election which was held on the 5th of February 2021.

Today 1st March 2021, following a transition period, the new officers will commence their positions.

The new officers are:

  • President Urs Würsch
  • Vice-President André Decraine
  • Secretary Friedrich Leidinger
  • Treasurer Kevin Jones

Now follows a brief message from the new President Urs Würsch:

“For over 20 years, I have worked for the Swiss family members organization (VASK) and I am well aware of the situation that carers are confronted with in their daily life. I have worked successfully for many years as CEO for my own company. I speak fluent German, English and French and I have knowledge of Italian. I am convinced that EUFAMI can continue to take a very active role in supporting EUFAMI family member organizations. With great respect, I take the responsibility to serve EUFAMI. Our voices will be heard!

With kind regards

Miia Männikkö


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