COVID-19 and Mental Health

The current situation regarding COVID-19 is affecting everyone. These times can be especially tough on people’s mental health. To provide everyone with trustworthy and relevant information regarding COVID-19, EUFAMI has listed a collection of useful websites.

The first section consists of a collection of websites with information on COVID-19 in general and advice for carers. The second section consists of websites that provide good advice for maintaining good mental health during the Corona crisis. Lastly, there is a section with websites that were recommended by EUFAMI’s member organisations. Read on to find out whether these websites are able to help you and your family.

General Information about COVID-19

For Everyone

  • Updates and general information about COVID-19 from the World Health Organization:
  • Updates and general information about COVID-19 from the European Centre for Disease Control:


For Researchers and Health workers


For Carers


COVID-19 and Mental Health

For Everyone

For Health Workers


For the Youth and Children


Recommendations from Our Member Organisations


ENCONTRAR+SE has been active on their social media during the Corona crisis. The material that they are sharing is also available on their website. This website is in Portuguese:

Hafal’s website offers an overview of useful information about COVID-19 itself and about taking care of your mental health during this time:


HPE Austria wants to let you know that the HPE consultants are available from Monday to Friday from 10am to 8pm during the Corona crisis. You can call the following telephone number:  +43 1 526 42 02


MindWise offers advice on how to take care of your mental health during this time:


Rethink Mental Illness offers an online hub providing practical support and information for people living with mental illness and for carers:


Salud Mental España has made a presentation about how they are coping with the COVID-19 outbreak:


Shine recommends these websites with relevant information and explanations about COVID-19:

Unafam offers support and information about COVID-19 and taking care of your mental health. The website is in French:

Ypsilon offers support, information and advice for carers and relatives. The website is in Dutch:

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