World Mental Health Day 2018 – Young People and Mental Health In a Changing World

Caring for a young person when they are affected by mental ill health in their late teens or early twenties carries with it some specific worries.

Will they be able to finish their education? How will their financial position be affected? Will they find it difficult to form healthy relationships? What will happen when I am too old to care for them?

Leaving school, leaving home, starting university and entering the world of work are major life changes which could trigger mental ill health in young people.

More than 75% of the caregivers who took part in our Caring4Carers survey were looking after their son or daughter.

Meanwhile, young carers are too often hidden, forgotten and ignored.

There is a huge risk that young people caring for a relative with mental ill health could become ill themselves.

We believe young carers must be given special attention because support has been found to dramatically improve their lives.

Supporting carers of young people, and strengthening their position is a key part of our mission at EUFAMI.

We are pleased to support World Mental Health Day 2018, which is highlighting young people and mental health in a changing world.

More information on this year’s theme can be found here:

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