A family perspective on services for persons living with schizophrenia

At the conclusion of the European Brain Council’s study on the “Value of Treatment for Brain Disorders” (VoT project) EUFAMI is proud to present the report of its contribution to the schizophrenia case study. The main objective of the VoT project was to assess the socio-economic impact of interventions (clinical practice), or the lack thereof, and to provide evidence and tools that can assist policy makers and healthcare actors in shaping effective policy responses to some of the most prevalent brain disorders.

As part of the research activities, EUFAMI asked family representatives to describe how they experienced schizophrenia, from the first awareness of symptoms, throughout all stages of the illness. The purpose was to show the diversity of real life experiences and to identify key areas for improvement of services and treatment.

Based on families’ experiences EUFAMI advocates for parity of investment in mental health at a level with physical, particularly into accessible, affordable community services, also for family carers; involvement of users and family members in decisions and services; mental health prevention in schools, early childcare and primary care services, preventive programmes for young people on the move; preventive programmes and services for children of parents with mental ill health and more awareness raising against stigma.

Report:  A family perspective on services for persons living with schizophrenia

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